Monday, February 14, 2005

This and That - Weekend without Hockey

Odyssey of Damaged Feet - Synopsis of Events and Degrees of Discomfort

8 Days Ago. Ice Hockey. Hit in the right foot by slapshot from Arnie. Bruised instep. Forgets to ice foot.
Fault: Mine. For standing in the way of Arnie who never thinks.
Blame: Arnie. Every year Arnie injuries me somehow.

7 Days Ago. Ball Hockey. Twisted Left ankle. Forgets to ice foot and ankle.
Fault: Mine
Blame: Me

6 and 5 Days Ago.
SEVERE level of pain in left ankle. Right foot is a MINOR annoyance. Unable to walk. Tried crutches. Discarded crutches as useless

4 and 3 Days Ago.
HIGH level of pain in left ankle. Right foot is recovered. Able to LIMP with HIGH pain.

2 Days Ago.
SOME pain in left ankle. Able to WALK with HIGH pain.

1 Day Ago and Today
SOME pain in left ankle. Able to WALK with SOME pain.

Boss: No sympathy

Colleagues in Workgroup:
FACT: No offers to alleviate workload.
PROGNOSIS: Strong reaction, but no sympathy.

Other male co-workers: Much Ridicule and Jealousy ?

Older matronly female co-workers: Much sympathy (Eventually much annoying)

Friends: Much sympathy (Much appreciated)

Apparently, the company store has stuff that can help me with this. – Never thought to investigate this until someone mentioned it.

Saturday night – Daniel’s concert.

Daniel is my saxophone teacher and every year this time he does a jazz performance at his church. He performs often in public but I never catch him at those other events because they’re all classical music. I’d like to say I catch this performance every year, but I’d be lying. I went three years ago, missed last year because I was in New York, missed two years ago for I can’t remember why, but probably because I wanted to go to sleep early like I do every Saturday night.

Good show. Daniel’s a great musician. He played a lot of standards, “A Night in Tunisia”, “St. Thomas”, “My Romance”, “My Funny Valentine”, and “Fly Me to the Moon.” He has a much different sound than the jazz recordings I have of these from more recognizable jazz musicians. He played on alto rather than tenor which is more typical for these tunes, and because he’s primarily a classical musician, his intonation is smoother, rounder than I’ve heard for almost anyone else. He’s on tour in Vancouver and Washington state next month. What a lifestyle.

Sunday Night – Jack’s Place

I haven’t seen Jack in over a year, so this was I first time I’ve seen his new house and his son Joshua. Big head, just like Jack. Erika’s bigger now. Last year she was much smaller, happy but very quiet. I had to read a lot of dog stories to her. This time, I had to play dolls and house with her. She really has a lot of toys. Helen says Erika has become very shy, perhaps even at three and a half, she’s already learning about the way of the world. I’m not sure though – I don’t think it’s shy if a child asks you four or five times to play with her. She’s making a liar out of her mom. Beware.


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